Ask not what fun does for you, but what you do for fun!

The days pass in a blink of an eye, it seems like the days, weeks and months whizz along so very quickly. When did the time start racing so much?

The summer of 2018 has so far promised to be one to remember, the days are long and sunny, everyone is celebrating Englands progress in the world cup and in so many ways this is a year not to be forgotten.

One thing I want to remember however, above the long heat wave, the football victories, the royal weddings and everything else that happens, are the simple things.

Those little moments where you are together, the summer of childhood.

The joy of eating a warm sausage roll fresh from the bakery out of the bag, playing at the park and enjoying a juice drink.

Yes. It is these ordinary moments that make the best memories!

The Ordinary Moments


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