We love the summer months and always make the most of any opportunity to hold a garden party.

This year already we have had Prince Harry and Meghan’s Wedding and now we have the World Cup matches to look forward to.

But even when there is no ‘official celebration’ we love to find ways to embrace the season and there is nothing more summery than picnic snack foods, outside together with your family and friends.

We know how expensive the summer months can be for families, and how hard it can be to find things to entertain the children during the long school break, days out can get expensive and chorus of ‘mum we’re bored’ quickly unsettle even the most patient of parents, finding something easy and cost effective that is truly enjoyable is always a strain.

Thats why throughout the summer we like to set up ‘fun party days’ as there really isn’t anything more fun than an impromptu garden party!

Almost any occasion can turn into a party and any party day is instantly more fun than a normal day.

Setting up a summer party really doesn’t need to be costly or time consuming and the most unexpected parties can turn into the most memorable.

Here are our top five tips to make any summer day into a fun filled party, all without breaking the bank!

1) Think of a theme – it can be anything at all from sports, to animals to your favourite book – settle on your party theme for that day and use the theme to think up activities. Some themes on our list are – Bear Hunt – were you can make an over, under or through obstacle course from household items – think tables, chairs and blankets.  Circus/Fun Fair – juggling, plate spining and creating your own ‘acts’ make this a fun party theme. Enchanted Forest – this is great for food – you can make stars and leaf shaped food, make paper chains for decorations and flower garlands, why not decorate stones or make your own fairy garden? Or maybe a Pirates party theme  – great for treasure hunts and designing your own maps!

2) Party Food! – No party is complete without  a party lunch, use lots of bright coloured food, cut the fruit and veg into stars or other shapes to make it a little extra special – tie in your food to your party theme if you want too. No need to buy special ‘party’ food just simply make up snack trays and finger foods to get the picnic party feel.

Plain paper plates can be brought to be used no matter what party theme you decided on so these are handy to keep in your cupboard and pull out whenever you need to jazz up the day. Lets face it, simply by using paper plates it must mean you’re having a party, right?! (For an additional idea if you use white paper plates you can get your children to decorate their own plates in the theme of your party – bonus activity idea )


3) Face Paint – A really simple way to make a normal day seem instantly more special is to paint your faces! There are loads of ideas online for simple face paints and children love to get involved, let them get creative and design their own face painting ideas. If you are feeling brave let them practice on you!

4) Design your own invites or posters – A fun way to make the day seem like a real party is to invite along a couple of friends, encourage your children to make their own invites or posters to show that you’re celebrating – if it is a last minute party simply send the invites to toys and teddies and make the party a teddy bears picnic!

5) Play Party Games – this may sound obvious but the best way to make any summers day into an instant fun filled party is to play at least one ‘party’ game. Even if you have not invited any actual guests – and you are just having your very own personal party you can still enjoy some fun games. Classic examples which can be created easily and are fun no matter the number of guests include – Treasure hunt; simply hide a few prizes (these can be little trinkets, toys or sweets, then write out a set of clues pointing to each hidden item.) Karaoke – Nothing is more fun than a summer sing a long – sing songs that match your theme!  Eye spy and Simon Says are great too. (If you have more guests then musical status always goes down well and needs minimal set up!)

So thats it – our quick easy guide to turn your summer days into party days!

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