I love Instagram, I love flicking through the posts and seeing the little moments others share.

But life isn’t all smiles, and Instagram worthy shots is it? Sometimes when you are scrolling through beautiful picture-perfect Instagram feeds you can get carried away with the thought that everyone else has the lifestyle you dream of, we’re all guilty of it though aren’t we? We all pick out those photos which only show the amazing bits, those where we miraculously managed to get everyone to smile at the right time, where the scenery was just perfect, or the untidy room is hidden by the sneaky camera angle. In a lot of ways Instagram is staged and we are all going along and building these unreal expectations for each other.

The fact that we choose the ‘nice’ moments, the trips out and the holidays doesn’t mean that is what life is all about though does it? There is of course the other side, the less than perfect Instagram bits of life, the difficult bits, the upset, the tears and the struggles.

I sometimes think those are the bits that make life, equally as much as the picture perfect moments, the behind closed doors hugs when someone is upset, the grumpy tired words shouted between family over homework or which socks to wear, the sneaky chocolate biscuit before dinner to prevent a meltdown which result in sticky fingers on the sofa, the iPad snuggles for longer than you perhaps should, those moments, the real life moments are important too, the comfy worn out clothes that you save for only those closest to you, these are the moments that tie families together and don’t need to be shared. ❤️

This was my boys on our half term trip to Dubai – a happy moment, a memory to be treasured, but I also have the real life memories of our trip away, the not so Instagram worthy moments, which we may not look back on quite as fondly, but the rough times are what make life interesting and are times I won’t forget.

It really is the free things in life that are important, and even when things are not picture-perfect, they certainly are not any less valuable ❤️

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