Recently we have been looking for our go to summer slip on shoes. Aryan sometimes struggles with the feel of socks and shoes, sensory processing for many children is a challenge.

We know that with Crocs we have no problems at all and both Aryan and Milan happily pick up their Crocs for any occasion.

Crocs offer a comfortable feel which mould to the shape of your foot, with a wider fit comparred to other shoes, ideal for those who struggle with the additional sensory triggers associated with shoe fitting.

We have had the regular slip on clogs style which have always been handy as a quick shoe, with the water friendly design and breathable material they tick all the boxes for all activities.

This summer however we have opted for the croc band II, these have a more stylish classic sandal design, with a hook and loop closure across the top of the foot to provide extra security – great for active children always on the go!

These stylish sandals have everything you know and love of the crocs brand, and are super easy to get on and off so children can feel more independent in dressing themselves.

Both Aryan and Milan have the Croc Band II in Navy and white, with a touch of red in the Croc brand name, with a RRP of £24.99 these offer great value for money too.

you can find out more about Crocs on their website :


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  1. I didn’t know they made those kinds of shoes and was surprised to see a guy wearing one regular pink croc yesterday (the other leg was in a splint). Seems like a good kid friendly solution.

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