Summer time is well and truly underway isn’t it? The weather has been so lovely, we have been truly spoilt with a stretch of warm weather like we haven’t had in the UK for quite some time.

Summer may mean you are spending more time outdoors, and you’ve probably noticed a lot more bird activity recently. We love to look at birds and point out the different species to the boys, with so many visiting our garden.

The warmer months are critical for birds, as they need to raise their young and eat as much as they can in order to migrate safely back home come autumn, and there are a few things you can do that help the birds.

1) Have a bird birth to provide clean water and encourage birds to your garden, although birds may find alot of natural food and water in the summer months it’s still important to offer them safe clean water.

2) Provide them food, with a lot of baby birds to feed birds appreciate anything you can leave out for them in the summer months, we love to sort out the left over bread for the birds.

3) Don’t attempt to rescue baby birds, baby birds are learning to fly and fend for themselves, you may find a baby bird on the floor – if they look well then the likely hood is their learning to fly, and their parents will be close by. Leaving them where they are will be the best option. The only exception is if they are obviously injured, in which case you can place them in a paper lined box and take them to a local animal shelter for help and advice.

4) Leave a ‘wild patch’ in your garden. Wild flowers and grass attract insects which birds love to feed on so having a natural wild garden really does help birds.

5)Turn off your outdoor lights – Night flying birds can get confused by lights and disorientated increasing their chances of flying into doors and windows, save energy and turn your lights off at night and also help birds stay safe.

If you and your children like to look out for birds, take a look at this great webpage: 19 common British birds  to help you learn some of the most common birds names and features.

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